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Rockland County Wills

Planning one’s estate is important. Whether you are a high net worth individual or a person of modest means, establishing a comprehensive estate plan

Rockland County Trusts

Trusts are an essential part of your estate plan when you want your beneficiaries to receive the maximum benefit of their inheritance.

Rockland County Probate Attorney

When a person passes with a will, it is said that they died “testate.” The process becomes more complicated if a person passes without a will or “intestate.”

Rockland County Elder Law Attorney

Unfortunately, there are situations when people are no longer able to make decisions for themselves or adequately communicate their decisions.

Rockland County Estate Administration Attorney

When planning for your estate, it is important to discuss who will follow through with your wishes.

Rockland County Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are unsure of your financial situation and believe that you may need to file for bankruptcy, contact an attorney.

Rockland County Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows an individual or a family to keep assets and adjust payments to better suit their specific financial situation.

Rockland County Business Bankruptcy Attorney

Under the bankruptcy code, a debtor has the legal means to better one’s financial situation.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Rockland County

Bankruptcy protection is a right of both individuals and corporations. Millions of people and corporations use bankruptcy to improve business

Rockland County Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure is a devastating prospect. In order to save one’s home, retaining the services of an experienced attorney that will fight for your future is important.