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Michael A. Koplen, Esq.

Koplen Law is an experienced bankruptcy and wills, trusts & estates law firm.

We are located in New City, New York, and serve Rockland, Westchester, Orange, and Putnam counties and the surrounding area. Specializing in bankruptcy and debt relief, Mike Koplen’s practice encompasses a diverse array of complex areas, also extending to foreclosure defense, estates and trust planning, matrimonial and family law litigation, and personal injury.

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Bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, & estate planning attorney in Rockland County

Bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, & estate planning attorney in Rockland County

Koplen Law has provided effective legal services for clients across New York facing bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and business bankruptcy.

Our firm has decades of experience in all estate planning and estate administration matters, including drafting wills, trusts, power of attorney, and helping clients through probate. Our firm has significant experience defending people against foreclosure and represents clients facing divorce, family law matters, and personal injury cases.

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Reviews From Our Clients

Mr. Koplen is a really good lawyer and really helped us overcome serious financial problems which we had practically given up on. We really did not want to file bankruptcy but we didn't have a choice. I interviewed three different lawyers and we went with Mr. Koplen because he seemed so professional and we are glad we did. I had no idea that life could be so much better after the bankruptcy which was really pretty painless. Kudos to Koplen!
– Roberta
Did a totally magnificent job for us. No complaints. Would use again in a heartbeat. We totally recommend Mike Koplen. Knows what he is doing that is for sure.
– Anonymous
Mr. Koplen is a very Helpful and Informative Lawyer. Mr. Koplen helped me out of a big mess and he made it look almost easy. Very pleased to recommend this attorney. The only negative is that he is so busy that sometimes we had to wait to get an appointment, but at all times we felt our case was being handled with full attention from his office so it really wasn't a problem but just inconvenient. We could have met with his associates but we wanted only Mr. Koplen so it was a little hard sometimes to get the appointment. Overall, we were very pleased with Mr. Koplen's legal work. We were very surprised that we had to go to White Plains for the court when there is a court right across the street from Mr. Koplen's office.
– J
Just a great lawyer. Takes the time to explain the case. Wiped out all our debt. We had no idea it would be this easy. We're happy and totally recommend this guy if you need a good lawyer. We consider him our lawyer now. One problem is that he is so busy sometimes it is hard to reach him, but sooner or later he does get back to you. It’s worth it because he does such a good job. He gets you back on the right track and we feel he took really good care of us. good guy.
– Two Happy Clients, Still married after 30 years
I just want to find some way to thank this lawyer for the way he helped my husband and me in our time of need. We never thought we would be in such a bad situation. We got recommended to Mr. Koplen. Honestly, I had never heard of him before. He was wonderful. He understood what we were going through and then he took care of our needs. Sometimes he was a little slow on returning phone calls because he is very busy obviously, but I have to say he took care of our problem like a true professional. What can I say. Very efficient. Very strong. He gave us a lot of confidence and I can honestly say that he took a very difficult and painful legal situation and really took care of it completely. We feel so much better today than we did just a few months ago. We have a fresh start and the weight of the world is off our shoulders. I though my husband was going to have a heart attack but now he is back to his old self playing golf and laughing. Thank you to Mr. Koplen and his wonderful staff. Yes, I DO recommend this lawyer and his company.
– Mary
Very professional is what comes to mind. Did a GREAT job for us. Everything went so smooth! Very responsive with nice offices and an excellent staff that seemed really dedicated to us when we needed them. I have worked with several lawyers over the past years and Koplen was the best, head and shoulders above others. Big office in New City a nice change from the hole in the wall lawyers we usually found in Rockland. The office is more like a big city or Wall Street operation than a little one man show. They gave us a lot of relief and made it look easy and that is why I am happy to leave this review and recommend Mr. Koplen.
– Alex
Thanks Mike. You're the best.
– J.B.
Mr. Koplen was very effective and very professional. No complaints and would use again.
– Anonymous
We were in a real mess financially and Mr. Koplen filed bankruptcy for us after explaining why it was the best choice for us. We were real scared but he made it look easy and actually it turned out really good since we are now debt free. I have no complaints about this lawyer. He did a great job for us.
– Anonymous
We hired Mike back in 2005 to handle a complicated civil matter. Mr. Koplen was very responsive and very, very smart in the way he handled the case, which eventually went to trial. Our trial lasted nearly a month and was very difficult emotionally and legally. We had a jury and we were up against a big firm from White Plains. Mr. Koplen did a spectacular job with the trial and in the end the jury ruled in our favor. We were very grateful to Mr. Koplen who was the epitome of professionalism throughout. Simply a great lawyer and a humble caring human being.
– Anonymous

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