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Foreclosure Defense in New City, New York

Foreclosure is a devastating prospect. In order to save one’s home, retaining the services of an experienced attorney that will fight for your future is important. Koplen Law is an experienced Rockland County foreclosure defense attorney located in New City, New York. Our firm recognizes the significance of this legal matter and we will use all legal options to stop the foreclosure process in its tracks. Before you lose your home, contact our firm. Even if the sale of your home is scheduled for the next day, contact us to discuss your legal matter. For quality legal support during tough times, contact Koplen Law.


Defending you against foreclosure

Koplen Law is dedicated to every client. We will do everything in our power to help you keep your home. If your mortgage lender sues you and foreclosure is in sight, our firm will utilize every legal strategy, including serving an Answer on your behalf where we assert defenses, asserting counterclaims to assess the mortgage lender’s rights to your mortgage, demanding all documentation regarding your mortgage, forcing the bank to participate in a loan modification program, and serving the appropriate motions and cross-motions to dismiss the foreclosure action, just to name a few.


Filing for bankruptcy stops foreclosure

No matter how close one is to foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy can put a stop to it immediately. Upon filing for bankruptcy, The Automatic Stay goes into effect, stopping the pursuit of collections, and all contact with the homeowner. Because bankruptcy cases can last for years, bankruptcy can help you maintain your residence for quite some time. At this juncture, our firm will explore ways to help you keep your home.


Loan modification

A loan modification is when residential property owners work with lenders to match mortgage payments with their financial situations. Simply put, the parties involved will work together to come to a fair payment schedule. As part of the foreclosure process against residential property, the parties must engage in the Foreclosure Settlement Conference before the bank can proceed with the foreclosure and sale of said property. During this conference, the property owner will have the ability to apply for a loan modification. The bank will be required to assess the practicality of a loan modification. If need be, this action can also be brought forth after filing for bankruptcy through the Loss Mitigation Program.


Loss Mitigation Program

Another option for homeowners is filing for bankruptcy and applying to the Loss Mitigation Program provided by the Bankruptcy Court. Under the Bankruptcy Code, if the homeowner requests it, the court will usually address a foreclosure case through the program. This program allows the homeowner to apply for a loan modification, as described above, forcing all parties to explore the practicality of a government loan modification program or an internal one provided by the bank.


Contact an experienced New York foreclosure defense attorney

Koplen Law has decades of experience helping clients facing foreclosure. We recognize that the future is uncertain. Having the right attorney on your side will relieve unnecessary stress while providing potential solutions to these significant legal situations. For a consultation with a resolute and knowledgeable attorney, contact Koplen Law.