What are personal injury cases?

What are personal injury cases?

Every day individuals face situations that can lead to accidents. When accidents occur, injuries can happen as an effect. If individuals were to suffer a personal injury due to the negligence of another party, they may be able to file a lawsuit against them. This can lead to a personal injury case. Personal injury cases can happen in all sorts of situations. This can include motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, premises liability and more.

How can a motor vehicle accident cause a personal injury claim?

In New Jersey state, you can be entitled to compensation based on your car accident and the injuries you suffered from it. The state has a Personal Injury Protection plan that is in place. This means that when you get involved in an accident your injuries are covered under this plan. It doesn’t matter who was at fault in the vehicle accident. You will still be covered due to the Personal Injury Protection plan. However, if you wish to seek further compensation, you may be able to do so. If the other driver is proven to be at fault, you can file a lawsuit against them.

What is premises liability?

Premises liability refers to the fault of a party to fail to maintain their property. When the property does not address hazards that were known about, they may be liable for any accidents that happened as an effect of the hazard. In premises liability cases, injured individuals may be able to acquire compensation for their injuries and their emotional turmoil. This refers to economic and non-economic damages, which are forms of monetary compensation.

Accidents can happen due to a variety of reasons. The premises may not have proper lighting or the surface of the ground was deemed hazardous. Due to these reasons, individuals may be able to prove a case of liability.

How can slip and falls lead to a case?

When individuals are involved in an accident where they have slipped and fallen, they may be able to pursue liability. If an individual were to be walking on a sidewalk outside a store, this store is responsible for that property. If the property had hazards that should have reasonably been known about, the injured party may be able to pursue a claim against the store. This may lead them to compensation for their injury, including medical bills and lost wages.

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