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When does the automatic stay go into effect?

Bankruptcy can be a useful process for individuals that are suffering through tough financial times. It can create some stressful times for these individuals. It may even be more stressful for individuals that have a family to provide for. However, they can have comfort knowing that they can turn to bankruptcy processes to help themselves […]

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What are damages?

When individuals file lawsuits against another party, they have the opportunity to gain damages for this case. These cases can be brought to court where it is presented in front of a judge. A judge can make a decision for the case that best fits that particular situation. Each situation can be vastly different, making […]

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Can I seek damages for product liability?

Manufacturing products contains procedures that must be followed thoroughly. If there are mistakes made during this process, it can cause the product to operate improperly. This may cause an injury to consumers. When these products are proven to be defective, they can cause serious accidents. Once these accidents occur, consumers are able to seek legal […]

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What is Chapter 11 bankruptcy used for?

When individuals are going through tough financial times, they can turn to bankruptcy to help them during these times. Individuals can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to work toward fixing their current financial situation. However, when businesses are struggling financially, they need an outlet to turn to as well. Chapter 11 bankruptcy […]

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Can an executor be replaced?

An executor is identified in a will to administer their estate. They are the individual that is in charge of the person’s estate once they die, which gives them responsibilities to carry out in order to make sure everything is taken care of for that person’s estate. If the executor fails to accomplish their activities, […]

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How many beneficiaries can be administered an estate?

Estate administration can include many beneficiaries. Wills help to plan for this whole process. These legal documents are important to the estate administration process. They decide what happens to a deceased person’s estate. Before death, the individual will name beneficiaries to inherit their property. They can include the names of beneficiaries in their will. These […]

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