Who can collect workers’ compensation?

Who can collect workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation was put in place in order to help those that are injured in the workplace. It protects them from being terminated from their position due to their inability to carry out their job duties. Not only do these laws protect employees, they protect employers from being blamed as well. By collecting workers’ compensation, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for the incident that you have been faced with and the injuries you have sustained because of it. This compensation may include economic damages, which include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future wages.

After suffering from a workplace accident, it is best to receive medical attention. A health care professional can address your injuries and document them. When the extent of your injuries are documented, it can be used to prove your case to collect workers’ compensation. This can help show the seriousness of your injuries and how it has made you unable to perform your job duties. If an employee is not able to work anymore, they may be entitled to long-term benefits that can help them sustain their quality of life.

Who is at fault for the accident?

When individuals collect workers’ compensation, it does not mean that the fault is placed on their employers. Workers’ compensation does not place the blame on either party involved. When accidents occur in the workplace and the employee becomes injured, they can collect workers’ compensation without the fault being placed on anyone. However, if there is a third party involved in the accident, employees may wish to file a lawsuit against them. Although they are not able to file a lawsuit against their employer if they collect workers’ compensation, they can take legal action against a third party.

A third party could have been involved due to a manufactured product that was in use in the workplace where the accident occurred. Employees may wish to seek liability to recover more damages. However, if they previously collected workers’ compensation, they may have to compensate for the amount that they received before. When winning a case against a third party, they may recover damages that will instead replace the original workers’ compensation.

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