Rockland County Estate Administration

Rockland County Estate Administration

When an individual passes away, they have often detailed wishes for how they would like their estate to be handled. They may have appointed a trusted loved one to act as the executor of the will, who will be tasked with handling probate, distributing assets to beneficiaries, and addressing any contested matters of the will. Acting as the executor of one’s estate is no simple task. It will require significant amounts of time and paperwork, including filing taxes, having the will accepted to probate, paying off all estate debts, and more. An executor has a lot of responsibility when it comes time to administer the estate and it is important that they are aware of all of these obligations before agreeing to take on such a role. However, if the executor feels as though the burden is too much and they can not satisfy all expectations, they may request that the court relieves them of their duties and chooses a new executor.

If an individual dies intestate, meaning that they have died without a will, the court may have to choose an estate administrator and the assets will be distributed in accordance with the laws of succession.

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