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Who is a beneficiary? Blogs
Who is a beneficiary?

Estate administration is an important aspect to determine. Before individuals die, they can plan for their possessions to be taken care of. This can help people cope with the thought of death. Also, it can ease the stress of loved ones that are left behind when an individual dies. Family members and friends will not […]

Power of Attorney Options in NY Blogs
Power of Attorney Options in NY

What is a power of attorney? A power of attorney is one of the many aspects of creating a comprehensive estate plan in New York State. When an individual is no longer able to care for themselves or is in a situation where they can’t handle their matters due to certain circumstances, a power of […]

How long does a trust last in New York? Blogs
How long does a trust last in New York?

Planning one’s estate is an essential part of growing older. When an individual decides to plan his or her estate, they may feel as though it is appropriate to put certain assets in a trust for heirs to benefit from in the future. Of course, it is important for an individual to have an understanding […]

Rockland County Estate Administration Blogs
Rockland County Estate Administration

When an individual passes away, they have often detailed wishes for how they would like their estate to be handled. They may have appointed a trusted loved one to act as the executor of the will, who will be tasked with handling probate, distributing assets to beneficiaries, and addressing any contested matters of the will. […]

Rockland County Probate Blogs
Rockland County Probate

When an individual passes away, it is generally the responsibility of their surviving loved ones to handle the matters of the estate. In Rockland County, the probate process exists to prove to the court that the will is a valid document and that the Executor is granted power to administer the estate. When the decedent […]

Why do I need a will? Blogs
Why do I need a will?

One of the most important things a person can do to protect his or herself in the future is to create a will as part of their comprehensive estate plan. A will is important for everyone, regardless of whether they are an individual of high net worth or of a more modest living. Having an […]

What is power of attorney? Blogs
What is power of attorney?

Though many people associate power of attorney with granting someone else power to make decisions if they become incapacitated, this tool can be useful in everyday situations and does not require there to be dire circumstances present. A power of attorney can allow another person to make legal decisions, business decisions, financial decisions, real estate […]